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With this premium account , you can download  unlimited amount of information from sharing services at high speed, without waiting for the download time, without advertising, to support download-manager, multi-threaded downloads and resume after the break connection

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How to configure IDM to work with site?

To use IDM with this site you should follow steps below:

1. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of IDM. Old versions before 6.09 build 3 have a bug with processing of cookies and may not work with sharing sites.

2. If you have a Premium Rapidgator account, you need to do the following: Buy Premium Rapidgator account Here
2.1. Please pay attention: you should open Internet Explorer (exactly Internet Explorer, and not another browser, independently of what browser you use for browsing the Internet) and log in on the site as a premium user. To do this press "Login" (arrow 1 on the image). Then fill you user name and password, check "Remember me" checkbox (arrow 2 on the image) and press "Login" (arrow 3 on the image). The site will set cookies in Internet Explorer which IDM is able to use when you add downloads to IDM. Afterwards you can close the browser. Please note, that you SHOULD NOT press "Logout" (arrow 2 on the next image) in ANY browser. Otherwise, cookies will be changed. 
If this does not help, then maybe your browser does not save cookies. Please read here for possible reasons and solutions.

To check that your cookies are set correctly, open in your browser. You should be logged in. If you have to log in manually, then cookies are not set correctly.

2.2. Don't try to download Rapidgator links directly from other sites via browser context menu. 
2.3. Open a link to a file you want to download in another window of your browser and press "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" (arrow 1 on the image):
3.  If you have free account on Rapidgator, you will not be able to resume your downloads. This also means that you cannot use a queue.

You need to enable "Start downloading immediately while displaying "Download File Info" dialog" option in "Options->Downloads" dialog.
To download a file, please do the following:
3.1 Open the link in your browser and select "SLOW SPEED DOWNLOAD":
3.2 Wait the necessary time:
 3.3 Then enter and submit the CAPTCHA:

3.4 Do not simply click on download button. This site permits requesting temporary download link only one time. If browser sends the first request, IDM cannot download it. This why, you need to right click on this button and select "Download with IDM" browser context menu item. Alternativelly, you can hold "Ins" key to force IDM to start the download before browser.
4. Problem may happen if you use some proxy. It is better if you not use any proxy at all. If you absolutely cannot avoid using proxy, you should use the same proxy in your browser and in IDM. Otherwise, the site will think that you use different IPs for this download and download will fail because a temporary link can be downloaded only from a single IP address. Please note that the same relates to different applications that try to control your internet traffic and acts like local proxy. It can be some kind of FireWall/Antivirus or other security applications. If you use your browser via such application, you should use IDM via it as well.

5. Also if you use FireFox problems may happen if you use extensions from third party companies to transfer downloads in IDM, for example Flashgot. IDM can perfectly detect downloads itself but if you really want to use Flashgot, at least update it to the latest version.

6. If IDM still does not download from Rapidgator, this means that you did something wrong in previous steps. Please check again.

How to buy a premium Rapidgator Fast, safe and secure file hosting. Share files with your friends. No limits. Easy as never.

[Function of premium membership]
Maximum download speed with no limit
Maximum upload file size 5 GB
storage space is unlimited
parallel unlimited download
No waiting, no advertising - download immediately
Support for download accelerators
parallel downloads
I resume a download that has been discontinued
[Payment method]

You will see this transaction on your statement as +35722030607
* Subscription
** Your download traffic per month
*** Files will be deleted after 30 days since last download
Q.What is a subscription and what is it for?
A.A Premium subscription allows you to enjoy additional benefits to the free service that offers. When you buy Premium subscription, you sign up for auto renewal by default. This means that your account will be charged again 24 hours before your premium is expired and that your Premium subscription will be extended for another period which you have selected. This allows you to enjoy our Premium service without having to worry about the subscription expiring. You can however easily unsubscribe from auto renewal on your profile page.

Q.Is it safe to purchase a Premium subscription?
A. Absolutely. All payments are processed via an SSL connection and our online payment provider is fully PCI DDS Level 1 compliant which guarantees you that your payment information is safe.

Q.I plan to store valued file on your server. Will my information be well protected?
A.Yes. We deeply care about the security of your files. More over than protected. Every time you upload a file, a backup copy of it is created on a different hard drive. Additionally to this, our entire system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with 99.99% uptime, stability and security. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services. One of our support members will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.